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Uploaded: 20 October 2012, Duration: 00:30
Details: Voodoo Virus, an adventure/mystery, follows two teenage boys into the bayous of Louisiana, in search of Dezi—the missing 'town character.' When their boat is blown to bits they must travel on foot and find themselves up against 'zombies' and a biological terrorism plot. Captured, they discover Dezi has been 'zombie-fied.' Through ingenuity and the crazy ideas they get from watching too many movies the boys rescue Dezi, document the terrorist plot, escape and save America from certain devastation. "Pick Zschomler's VOODOO VIRUS up and you won't put it down until the end, and maybe not even then. A reading adventure packed with mystery and intrigue. I loved this ride!" ~Graham Salisbury, award-winning author of UNDER THE BLOOD-RED SUN and the Calvin Coconut series
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